First Aid

This course is designed to provide easy to follow information for dealing with a wide range of first aid emergencies which may occur either in the workplace or at home. Our 1-day training course is ideal for learners and trainers or indeed anyone with a genuine interest in first-aid.


Becoming a first aider

First Aid is the initial assistance or treatment given to someone when they’re injured or ill. The person who provides this help is the first aider. The emergency first-aid at work qualification prepares you for being a first aider, psychologically, and emotionally, as well as giving practical advice on what you should and shouldn’t do in a medical emergency.
The information provided throughout this course will help you to provide effective first-aid to any casualties in most situations.
To become a fully competent first aider, you should complete this accredited first aid course. Achieving this will strengthen your skills and increase your confidence. IN2 Courses can provide first-aid education tailored to your needs.

Who is this qualification for?
This qualification is aimed at learners who wish to become emergency first-aiders in the workplace. This qualification meets the requirements for training emergency first-aiders in those organisations that have identified that staff need to be trained to this level within their first-aid needs assessment.

How long will it take?
To achieve the emergency first-aid at work qualification, you will be required to complete at least seven hours of training; this is typically over the course of one day — approximately 6 to 7 hours depending on the class sizes.

What will I learn?
The first aide course covers the roles and responsibilities of a first aider and learning to assess incidents and emergencies. The training also includes first-aid skills such as CPR and the use of an AED, (Automated External Defibrillator) providing first-aid to casualties.

Is there an exam?
This qualification is assessed by a practical demonstration and a multiple-choice questionnaire.


Ensure the area is safe before approaching


Ask them if they're okay and check for a response


Check the airway and signs of breathing

Let’s work together to provide a safe working environment and peace of mind for all around us!


Level three
£ 70
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  • 1 Day

Let’s work together to provide a safe working environment and peace of mind for all around us!

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