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The primary aim of In2 English courses is to help improve our students all round English skills and ability. The general English classes will give you a steady footing in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and will also cover grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.  You will be provided with a course book which can be used during lessons.

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Conversation: Its good to talk!

We provide conversation classes in Northampton, aimed at improving your ability to speak accurately and easily in a variety of situations. These English lessons will focus mostly on listening and speaking skills but we will also be working on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation as well as some reading and writing. You’ll be encouraged to use a wide range of resources and materials during lesson time.

Young Learner Levels: First Step, Junior, Primary and Preliminary.

These levels take the student from beginner to A1 on the CEFR. Children as young as four years old can begin here. We acknowledge that at the very beginning of the learning process a candidate will probably recognise far more than he/she can actively produce, so we begin by testing understanding in ways other than writing full words or sentences, and we only gradually ask for a little more active production Step-by-Step.

General Intermediate Levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate.

These middle levels take the student from A2 to A2+ to a clear B1. For many students this is the most difficult stage of the learning process but, by testing a few more of the building blocks of the language and asking for a little more active production at each level, we can motivate the candidate with clear achievable goals, leaving them not only confident at each stage but also ready to move on to the higher levels.

Higher Levels: Advanced, Proficiency, Masters.

The higher levels take the student from a very capable B2 to a proficient C1 and for some, an expert C2. The format of the tests remain familiar but Step-by-Step the testing of specific new structures takes second place to the testing of language production and the range and scope of the student’s English competence.

English Classes in Northampton

The In2 courses approach to learning English is unique, with our carefully calibrated Step-by-Step approach. The approach has been designed by Anglia Exams to motivate and encourage learners through a ten level program which is suitable for everyone; whether you be an expert or beginner. Our English courses are in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The CEFR is the international standard for describing language ability.

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