Do you want to apply for your personal licence? If the answers yes you’ve come to the right place. In order to make an application to your local licensing authority you will need to complete a APLH course. Simply fill in the contact form or carry on scrolling for more options.

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Applying for a personal license is a straightforward process. You can apply for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

Who is this course for?

It should be noted that anybody who authorises the sale of alcohol to the public (as per the Licensing act 2003) is required to have an APLH Level 2 Personal Licence Holders qualification. The APLH course is a self-paced 1 day course that directly leads to an alcohol seller/server certification for personal licence holders. After passing the final test, you’ll be able to use your new certificate to jumpstart your career as a person licence holder authorising the sale of alcohol. Once you’ve successfully completed your training you’ll be given a multiple choice examination: 40 Multiple choice questions.

What will I learn?

The program provides learners with the knowledge and skills to identify signs of intoxication in their customers: from slurred speech to loud, offensive talk; from unsteady walk to impaired hand-eye coordination. In addition, it trains the candidates in the different methods for managing intoxicated customers, including the all-important technique for refusing a sale. To address the prohibition against selling alcohol to minors, the program includes techniques for verifying I.D. authenticity to safeguard against the inadvertent sale of alcohol to an underage customer.In2 training offers APLH training via the BIIAB accredited training program.

Where can I find my nearest course?

APLH Course In Northampton Award for Personal Licence Holders The personal licence qualification is aimed at anyone who wishes to work in licensed premises where alcohol is sold. Furthermore during this course we will look learn about licensing authorities and the responsibilities of a personal licence holder as well as police powers of entry. Above all the APLH course in looks at specific prohibitions and strengths of alcoholic drinks. Upon completing the APLH course at our Northampton training centre on Gold Street, candidates will hold a licensing qualification with which they can apply for a Personal Licence.

Why do we have APLH courses?

We will discuss your responsibilities in relation to the retail sale of alcohol in order to protect children from harm. Therefore ensuring public safety in licensed venues. The U.K government passed the Licensing in 2003 which requires workers in establishments that sell or serve alcohol to complete a APLH course or training program provided by an approved training provider such as In2 Courses. The goal of this program is to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and incidents by preventing the sale of alcohol to intoxicated individuals and minors.


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Personal licence Course FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

APLH stands for Award Personal Licence Holders. This course is the successor to the old NCPLH (National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders). APLH courses allow you to apply for your Personal Licence.

The APLH qualification is a one day course, usually starting at 09.00 and finishing by 17.00 apx. 

The exam is a 40 question multiple choice questionnaire. No writting is required, simply circle the correct answer. The pass mark is 70% or 28 correct answers out of 40.

The course is usually £160 all inclusive. We may run special offers from time to time. If you would like to recieve notifications don’t forget to leave your contact details. Or click here for funding options.

You can apply for a personal licence by downloading and completing the application form and disclosure of convictions form. You must apply to the local authority for the area in which you reside. This is usually where you pay your Council Tax. Click Here

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