Door Supervision and Security Guarding Handbook (BTEC)

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This book is great value it practically gives you two for the price one. Door Supervision and Security Guarding, just what you need to get started as a security proffesional. One of the best sellers in the edition it makes a fantastic addition to training and exam preparation.

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2 reviews for Door Supervision and Security Guarding Handbook (BTEC)

  1. Lei Ping

    The book itself is good. The practice chapter tests are really just mock versions of the paper tests at the end of each chapter. Additionally, reviewing mock up SIA papers, for some reason counts, as incorrect answers on the summary. If you’re going to buy, make sure you’re buying for the book itself. Don’t be swayed by the “additional content” because there really isn’t much.

  2. Irfan Choudury

    Perfect study material!!!! better than Highfield book, much better for security guards.

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